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Specializing in the production of various steel ball slides

Electronic application

OA application

Furniture application

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We own the modernized equipments from Taiwan including 43 sets of rolling form machines with daily capacity of 140,000 PCS, 100 sets of stamping machines with daily capacity of 80,000 PCS and the total packing quantity of 100,000 PCS in assembling department. The characters of our technique: we mainly adopt the Taiwan rolling form machines of which the specificity meets the international standards and the assembly holes are with 32 system they are applicable both for wooden and hardware furnitures. The ball through adopt high-precise mold production with 0.02mm tolerance and is in the phase with the inner rail when


After so many years of experience, many of them have become the indispensable leaders and important technicians to bring more strength in developing the enterprises. 


Dongguan Lienchiang Furniture Hardware co.,ltd is a large Taiwan owner factory, established in 2000 and located in Shijie town , Dongguan city with convenient transportation and specialize in manufacturing all kinds of drawer slide (style 53, 45,35, 36, 27, 20, 17, conceal style, heavy duty slide, self-closing style, KVM style, soft closing style, etc. ) Our products are selling well all over the dosmetic and international markets with precise technique, excellent quality and reasonable price. 

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Specializing in the production of various steel ball slides

Why can stainless steel slides be attracted by magnets?

Why can stainless steel slides be attracted by magnets?

After buying a stainless steel slide rail, some friends will use a magnet to attract them. They think that the stainless steel material is fake and not attracted by the magnet. In fact, this is a very
The characteristics and use of rebound slides

The characteristics and use of rebound slides

Features: 1. Rebound: New design schemes can be realized without the handle. 2. Three sections: all can be pulled out. 3. Bottom support: hidden installation, you can leave a small installation dis


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